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 PATENTsmarterTM is an informational and educational website operated by European Patent Attorneys, in particular the founder and CEO of PATENTsmarterTM. Please read our Terms of Use, before using information offered by PATENTsmarterTM.

Does PATENTsmarterTM provide legal advice?
The information and material offered via this web page and online courses and material associated with this web page is not legal advice, but information, learning opportunities and case studies on product protection and patent issues and best practices relating thereto. It is not guaranteed to be updated with the resent changes in national/international law. PATENTsmarterTM is not a patent law firm and does not provide any legal advice.

Use the information - but remember to get professional advice too
You can use the material provided according via this homepage to prepare your work and interaction with for example your patent advisor, however ALWAYS check with your patent advisor before taking any action relating to e.g. your product protection, patent strategy or patent application. Additional legal or strategic considerations may apply that have not been presented in our courses or material and may be depending on your specific situation.