After these 5 days you will know much more about inventions. Most importantly you will be more sure whether YOU made an invention yourself - or how to kick-start your inventive process.

In this course you will get access to a new video every day for 5 days, the video is between 5-15 minutes long.  

You can see the topics for each day below.  

You can watch the videos until 90 days from your enrollment - after that this course will disappear from your course library.

DAY 1 - What is an invention- and what is not

DAY 2 - What do successful inventors do -and what they do  not do

DAY 3- 3 most common ways to invent

DAY 4 - 15 indicators that you made an invention

DAY 5 - 15+ question to kick-start or improve your inventive process

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